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February 2017 NBDC Resource Story

37 Oaks LLC 

February Business of the Month

MSBARC started working with 37 Oaks and its owner Terrand Smith in August of 2016. Terrand has a strong background in the retail industry working with Fortune 500 companies to improve the visibility in its large stores. Terrand left corporate and started her own company to bring her talents to small black owned retail stores and strengthen the bottom lines of her new smaller clients.

MSBARC worked with her by referring our retail clients to 37 Oaks, and improve their show room visibility and ultimately the bottom line. Terrand recognized early on that she needed assistance reaching these businesses that are routinely given bad advice from people that do not have the expertise that she has, so with the referrals that MSBARC sent her these relationships have strengthened.

37 Oaks has had some success changing a stores clientele to a younger buyer with a slight change in product and display, her company also moved another company to more of a web presence than they previously had. Both these retail businesses have seen a bump up in their revenues.

MSBARC is proud to have Terrand Smith and her company 37 Oaks as the Business of the Month.